Where can I buy NACHEEZ?
You can buy it on our Buy Online page or from a list of retail outlets.

Is NACHEEZ vegan?

Yes, NACHEEZ is 100% vegan.  More information on why NACHEEZ is vegan can be found on the Why Vegan? page.

How can a jar of NACHEEZ only have 140 calories when it has cashews in it?

Raw cashews are the third ingredient in NACHEEZ.  Cashews provide the creamy texture, but there aren’t enough in NACHEEZ to add a lot of calories.  The main reason that NACHEEZ is so low in calories is because it’s not made with any cheese.  For a list of the ingredients, please visit our Nutrition Facts page.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes! Please visit the NACHEEZ Facebook page to see more information. Please take a moment and like us so we can send you invites to special events.

Should I refrigerate my jar of NACHEEZ?
NACHEEZ does not have to be refrigerated unless it is open. Unopened, it can last up to 18 months. Since NACHEEZ is a natural product made without any preservatives, it will spoil quickly if not refrigerated once it is opened. An open jar of NACHEEZ will keep about 1 week in the refrigerator.

Can NACHEEZ be frozen?
Yes! Once you have opened the jar, freezing it will make it last much longer. It will look very strange once it is thawed out, however it will be back to normal after it is well heated.

Is NACHEEZ just for Nachos?

No way! NACHEEZ can be used on, in and around so many yummy foods.  Visit our Recipe page to see all the many ways you can use NACHEEZ.  Please Contact Us if you would like us to post your favorite NACHEEZ recipe!

How do I heat up NACHEEZ?
There are a few ways to heat up NACHEEZ:

  • Microwave: NACHEEZ can be heated up in the microwave right in the jar. Be sure to remove the metal lid. Alternatively, you can also spoon out NACHEEZ into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until heated thru. The glass jar will be extremely hot, so use an oven mitt to take the jar out of the microwave.
  • Stove Top: Spoon out NACHEEZ into a small sauce pan. Heat with a low to medium heat setting. Stir frequently as the NACHEEZ heats up. Always use caution when handling hot NACHEEZ.
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