Order Pouches and Jars


Three jars of Nacheezsingle-pouch

Please excuse the basic web site while we find the perfect eCommerce solution to bring you the cheapest shipping rates.

Just want to order the Nacheez Sample Pack? Visit the Nacheez Sample Pack page.


To order jars and/or pouches of Nacheez,
please email us at:


Be sure to include:

– Your shipping address (to calculate shipping – see note below)

– Number of 8.5 oz jars of Nacheez in what Flavors? (Mild, Medium and Spicy – $6.50 each)

– Number of Spicy 1 oz Pouches? ($2 each)

We will reply with an invoice within 24 hours.

Please note…

I live in Sacramento, CA and use USPS Regional Rate shipping. The farther away you live from me, the more expensive the shipping. Up to 4 jars can be shipped with the same Box A shipping cost. The next size box (Box B) can hold from 5 to 6 jars. For orders of 7 to 9 jars, I use USPS Large Flat Rate Boxes ($18.85). For orders of 10 or more jars, I use FedEx. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to break down the shipping if you want to see multiple options.


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